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I gather under this page all the techniques that I've learnt and I've experienced in my life around energy. Different approaches makes it easier to reach the desired outcomes according to the client's energy and also their preferences. What I can do is to custom my session with you, around your needs. However, as a common ground I will teach you how to use energy and concrete actions to start create the results you want. 

Reading the energetic level in which you are currently living can allow us to draw together the path towards your goals and the result that you will be able to create for your life. I will teach about cause and effect law, in order for you to underline the actions that will make the difference in your life. 

Also we'll start to get an overview of your life to create balance and realize visually where you find yourself at the moment.


If there will be the need, we could always have a quick reading of your Akashic Records. If this will be the case the information I will need from you are:

- name at birth

- current name

- date of birth

- place of birth

- time of birth (if it is known)

Do you want to know more about the Akashic Records? Take a look at this page!

Angelic Healings

The Angelic Realm cannot intervene in our lives unless they're asked to, so they have been waiting patiently for people like you to decide to take a step, asking their help in your life. Will be an honor for us working with you.
The Archangels are the highest-ranking angels in heaven. They are given the most important responsibilities, and they travel back and forth between the heavenly and earthly dimensions, as they work on missions from God/Goddess to help human beings.

In this healing, we will be working with Archangel Uriel, Archangel Micheal, Archangel Raphael, and Archangel Gabriel to heal the physical body, emotional wounds and hurting memories. This modality was shown as a way of making that unique and powerful connection back to the light. It is, in fact, our divine right to walk in the light as fully empowered, compassionate beings. The Archangels will help us to do so. 

This session can be booked at distance, or in person session, and it can last no more than 30/40 minutes. 


      Contact me to book a session or to have more information.
      I'll be glad to answer you in max 24/48 hrs.


      Phone: +353 083 1721913 
      WhatsApp: +39 338 3501158

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