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Family constellation in Dublin

Family Constellation Dublin


Family Constellations are a group work and through our seminars you'll experience the power of being together lead by an awareness' intention



Family constellations are a unique holistic possibility to work with the visible or invisible blocks you are struggling with.

When you want to go beyond your life issues and you want to find out your own way to really express yourself, life is giving you back the chance to heal your roots before growing stronger. With family constellations what you really need to know about yourself and the dynamics you're facing, can be revealed, pain can be understood and healed, and you can finally see what is the purpose of your life to be accomplished. Heal yourself means love yourself, and being aware of your path means enjoy it more. This realization does not work just for your own achievements but also for the awareness of the systemic/family network you are living in. Heal all bonds and your famiy's relationships means be more free to live and love the life you want. 


This work is holistic and heal a person at all the levels, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. It brings awareness of our emotional patterns into our counscious mind and allow us to work with emotion to shift them into a new restored order.


How do they practically work?


Family Constellations are working as a representation in the availble space of the dynamic that the client is intending to investigate. A person comes with an issue or intention in their current psychological and emotional life that they want to investigate and overcome. The client constructs their constellation by choosing group members (or markers, object in 1:1 sessions) to represent relevant parts of story he has just shared in an open talk with the counsellor and with the group. 

Choosing the representers they can place them in the available space according to an internal sense of the issue at hand. Then the constellation becomes an external representation of an internal structure, so the client has the privilege to see from a different perspective at all the pieces of the story. 

Once the constellation is set up, there’s a field of awareness which starts working following the client’s intention and between the group. So the representatives often have quite strong experiences, which make sense total sense to the client when spoken out loud. 



The italian counselor we are working with is Lucia Berrettari, great teacher and trainer.

More info on her site:



Theme we are working on this year is Love in all its shapes and connections. 




When we look back at the past the feeling that gives us strength and stability is that sense of gratitude in being alive and have received the gift of life from our parents and ancestors.  
When we start at this point, we are free and in a great place to make something good out of our lives. When anger, pain and frustration, instead are affecting us while looking back, we feel weak and we put ourself in the position to reject the gift we received from nature. This lead us usually to decrease value in ourself too, keeping us entangled in a poor web of suffering. Honouring life means that we can and we want change what was not in balance in the past in order to release any bonding situation and move on. The role we picked up within our family and the flow of Love moving in it will show us where are laying our strengths or labours. 

When the theme is family of origination we have also to consider the Orders of Love in place. Some examples of these orders are: 

-the older is giving, the younger is receiving; 
-both the parents are coming before the children; 
-man and woman have the equal strength and value if they recognise the worth and the role of each other; 
- dramatic events in the family life can create disorders and labours even after many years or generations. 
The task of Family Constellation is to bring back the right order, lead by Love. 

Dublin 4 - Ringsend Gordon St.  (Friday, 26th or Saturday, 27 February 2016)
Carrick on Shannon   room to be defined  (Sunday, 28th February 2016)
Spots still available please book in advance or just ask for information by the form at the bottom of the page.
Still to be defined the date in February at the Dervish Center, Aungier St. Dublin 


More information to come stay tuned!

How does it work?
9am -  5pm  

70€ you have your own family constellation looked into 

40€ you have the possibility to be just a representer for others while looking at their personal constellations


Free tea, coffee, chocolate and biscuits during the several coffee breaks
Indipendent lunch time in a local bar or grocery 





Every constellation brings to:
  •  Harmonising the pattern you're facing to the Orders of Love  

  •  Awareness of what you've experienced releasing the pain and keeping the lesson in it at the emotional level.
    Mind will help staying in an observation mode.

  •  More consciousness about the Orders of Love and the Laws who are governing Life in Universe.



"I don't feel comfortable working within a group, can I do my family constellation individually?"


In the case of a 1:1 the group is substitute by markers and objects. You'll bring thi objects in the space and the facilitator will feel the energy of them to let you face the blockage to your intention and release it.

Integrations between Soul Realignment / Family Constellation are possible on request for specific purposes and focus that can be discussed individually. 

Family Constellation Dublin

Family Constellation Dublin


Tracy, 10th April 2015

Thank you so much for organizing this great session. It is has been a gift life has given to me. Grazie mille.

Josè, 10th April 2015

Super! No words! Amazing! 

Marsha, 11th April 2015

Three days after the workshop I was able to stop an asthma attack by telling myself, 'it's ok I have found my voice!' No oils, no inhalers just these few words... that's major! 

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