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Soul Realignment® and Akashic Record Readings

Soul Realignment® is an Akashic Record Intuitive Reading and healing modality that assists us in aligning fully with our Soul purpose. By removing negative energetic blocks and restrictions coming from a past, or present-life-choice we are removing what's limiting us from creating the life we deeply want.


Through this intuitive work, I will uncover for you the Soul's Divine Nature and your inherit gifts to understand how your Divine Nature is currently express in your human experience. Together we'll get a full understanding of how you may create lack and attract unwanted experience through negative Karmic patterns.

By accessing the Akashic Records, I will read for you the Soul characteristic at the origination, your Divine gifts, and the specialized energies that your soul is designed to work with. You will understand how your past-life and present-life choices create current circumstances. Some of the choices we made, are currently blocking and restricting who we are at soul-level and the possibility for us to draw the Vital Force Energy that everyone can access to. We need to re-access to this energetic level in order to live and create the divine and fulfilled life we desire.

Once we will consciously understand our energetic hindrances we will become empowered to make new choices that are much more aligned with our Divinity.

Thanks to the clearing work done in the Akashic Records I will be holding a transformational space for you. You will be allowed to move into alignment with your Soul's highest Path and Purpose, easily than ever experienced. 

Not only, your mind will be fully satisfied as you will be understanding the root cause of the circumstances you've created and you'll be able to make new choices for yourself, your life, and create the changes you wish!

The reading can be delivered over the phone, Skype or in-person via appointment.


The information I need from you are:

- name at birth

- current name

- date of birth

- place of birth

- time of birth (if it is known)

The reading is done by the therapist alone, the Soul Realignment® explicative session is delivered instead to the client in 60/75 minutes appointment.

Akashic Records: what is it? 

The term Akasha comes from Sanskrit and stands for: Heaven, Space or Ether. The Akashic Records are a universal, 5th dimensional database, that holds all the experiences of each soul that ever come to life. It is an energetic record of all souls that archive their past lives, present lives, and possible future at their disposal.  

The purpose of the Akashic Records is to literally record and store every choice each person has ever made, since the inception of their Soul. This Universal archive is a tremendous source of neutral information recorded and stored as in a big library, at disposal of anyone that has authorization and knowledge to read them. They can be popularly known as "The Book of Life" in The Old and New Testament, and they are recognized by most spiritual systems throughout human history.

Intuitive Akashic Records readings

Beside the protocol of Soul Realignment® modality, that I love for its transformational power, I can also do intuitive readings guided by the specific requests of the client.

We can agree a list of questions you want to ask regarding a current, past or future situation and read together intuitively the Akashic Records. 

This session can be booked only in a one to one session, and it can last no more than 20/30 minutes. 

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